ProtMAT - Protein Microarray Analysis Tool

Protein microarray technology is rapidly growing

and has the potential to accelerate the discovery of targets of serum antibody responses in cancer, autoimmunity and infectious disease. Analytical tools for interpreting this high throughput array data, however, are not well established. We developed a concentration-dependent analysis (CDA) method which normalizes protein microarray data based on the concentration of spotted probes.

ProtMAT offers a novel algorithm to remove concentration bias.

ProtMAT is an online implementation of the CDA algorithm (Concentration Dependant Analysis). Because of the influence of spotted protein concentration on signal, protein microarray analysis can be at risk of missing many potential targets.Users may upload one or two result file(s) created by the Invitrogen Prospector program. The signals will then be analyzed using the CDA method, and a list of protein 'hits' is then provided, with mimized bias due to the concentration of spotted protein.

ProtMAT offers summary statistics

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ProtMAT Prototype version 0.5, October 2008. Developed by Bioinformatics Core at Cancer Vaccine Center, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.