Flavivirus Database.

Flavivirus Database facilitates

For details of the database and the embedded tools, please refer to the papers below:

Olsen,L.R., Zhang,G.L., Reinherz,E.L., Brusic,V. (2011) FLAVIdB: A data mining system for knowledge discovery in flaviviruses with direct applications in immunology and vaccinology. Immunome Res. 7(3):1-9.
Olsen,L.R., Zhang,G.L., Keskin,D.B., Reinherz,E.L., Brusic,V. (2011) Conservation analysis of dengue virus T-cell epitope-based 1 vaccine candidates using peptide block entropy analysis. Front. Immun. 2:69.

Version 1.1, June 2011. Developed by Bioinformatics Core at Cancer Vaccine Center, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.