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PREDBALB/c is a computational system that predicts peptides binding to the major histocompatibility complex-2 (H2d) of the BALB/c mouse, an important laboratory model organism. The predictions include the complete set of H2d class I (H2-Kd, -Ld and -Dd) and class II (I-Ed and I-Ad) molecules. The prediction system utilizes quantitative matrices, which were rigorously validated using experimentally determined binders and non-binders and also by in vivo studies using viral proteins. The prediction performance of PREDBALB/c is of very high accuracy. To our knowledge, this is the first online server for prediction of peptide binding to a complete set of MHC molecules in a model organism (H2d haplotype).

For details of the system, please refer to the paper below:
Zhang,G.L., Srinivasan,K.N., Veeramani,A., August,J.T., Brusic,V. (2005) PREDBALB/c: a system for prediction of peptide binding to the H2d molecules, a haplotype of the BALB/c mouse. Nucleic Acids Res. 33, W180 -W183.