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For prediction of MHC binding peptides in a protein, select the MHC alleles of your interest and paste the protein sequence in the textbox.
Predict peptides binding to

All H2d alleles
H2d class I alleles
H2d class II alleles 
Single H2d allele    

ENTER YOUR PROTEIN SEQUENCES: (Please use input sequence of less than 2000 amio acids.)
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Protein sequence    A list of peptide sequences



For details of the system, please refer to the paper below:
Zhang,G.L., Srinivasan,K.N., Veeramani,A., August,J.T., Brusic,V. (2005) PREDBALB/c: a system for prediction of peptide binding to the H2d molecules, a haplotype of the BALB/c mouse. Nucleic Acids Res. 33, W180 -W183.